No such thing as impossible

We really mean that.

We actually care

"I shall either find a way or make one" - Hannibal

We love what we do, that's why we do it. This is not just a job for us, we want to create anything that is good, and we want to be better in it every single day.

This implements something, that you may find very benefical to your goals...

The fact that we have a need to create anything that is good means we won't, and will not release anything to the public that has not met our standards. And these standards are high, because we have finished plenty of projects so far and we've seen and done quite a few things since. We actually care about what we give from our hands. This is an insurance for you, that you can't get bad results because of us.

We consider ourselves a full-process team. Through full-stack development and full-process design we understand the entire project from the first ideas to the delivered product. And we seriously love it. We don't just take creative or development briefs and run through the checklist just to finish it as quickly as possible. We take your hand as our customer and help you out with suggestions on best parctices, and other mission critical advices. Also when we see a possible flaw in the plans, we react to it. Sometimes we tell you what we found risky or problematic, sometimes just to save time we repair it on the fly. Because we don't stand any bug, mistake, bad UX or ugly interface. AT ALL.

We think that cooperation between customer and contractor in the twentyfirst centruy is not about separate sides. For the time we share our interests we become one. We share our goals, we think together, we create the best possible solution together.

We add this to your project. We add ourselves, we add our knowledge, skill set and enthusiasm. A product can only be created in it's best form, if the whole team that created it focuses their best intents to it. We actully care about it. Even if it's not ours. And all because of these should you pick us as your new partner.

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Marcell Simon

Cloud Architect

Cloud infrastructure


Web applications

I will sit down with you in person or virtually and listen to your idea.

I know the people to fulfil all your dreams

The Team

Örs Stenszky

Mad Designer

Norbert Nemes

iOS Magician

Tamás Cseh

Android Wizard

Ákos Hermann

Android Ace

Balázs Novák

iOS Adept

András Somlai

Backend Guru


Zug, Switzerland


Let's work together.

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